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Production Area

The history of this region is quite particular, given its geographic, ethnical, and cultural location as a frontier hub between central Europe to the north, the Slav regions to the east and the Italian Peninsula to the west and south.

Around 1000 B.C., the Illyrian built fortified villages creating a basic social structure, but with the arrival of the Romans, the land and society was restructured following the Roman model. They built roads, introduced new flora, parceled up the land for cultivation and founded cities, of which Aquileia is a valuable example that has survived to the present days. This generated a wide economic and social gap between these two newly prosperous centers and the poverty-ridden Friuli and Carnia areas.

The local wines are remarkable for the number of grape varieties that are used in their blends. In addition to the native grapes, different varieties have been introduced over time. Add to this the winemaking skills of the Friulani, and the result is the creation of exceptional wines.